• Customized Guided Kayaking Tours on Lake Superior     From the Apostle Islands to the Porcupine Mountains

Shoreline Trips

Lake Superior Shoreline Trips – Saxon Harbor to Black River Harbor to the Porcupine Mountians

We took a day trip out to the sea caves. Sea was a little choppy but Whitecap Kayak knew where to start and got us out on the water. We were on a day trip so we had a great time paddling and the stopped for some lunch. It was a great spread, full of fresh healthy foods; much better than what I expected. Then we got back on the water and finished our tour! Whitecap Kayak has the best quality boats of the 6 or 7 tour companies we saw on the water, hands down. They seem to be the expert in the area, with a passion for kayaking. Their guides are far more outgoing, than the others I saw, and are extremely knowledgeable about kayaking and safety; obviously also about the area.

I will absolutely tour with them again.

My husband and I went with Whitecap Kayak for a 3 day kayaking and camping adventure to the Apostle Islands. Our guides, Britta and Emily, were absolutely phenomenal! Not only were they great motivators and instructors for the long kayaking trips from Island to Island but they were crazy good at preparing meals on the campfire! The food was delicious and plentiful (pancakes, coffee, bagels, fruit, burritos, Mediterranean salad wraps, curry with rice, lunch meat sandwiches, and plenty of desserts including s’mores!) always offering seconds to feed the super hungry! We visited Sand Island and York Island. Warning: Be prepared for the flies on Sand! (I’m serious, bring at least 2 pairs of pants and leggings don’t count!) York Island is absolutely gorgeous and a must see in the Apostle Islands. Beautiful sunshine and sunsets, spectacular sights in the sea caves, great sleep next to the waters and campfire, a very adventurous yet relaxing experience (no cooking, no cleaning 🙂 Can’t wait go back with friends and family in the future!! Oh yeah, one more bit of advice….pack in small compact bags that will fit into basketball sized holes. Large sleeping bags won’t pack easily in the kayaks.

Great experience with Whitecap kayak! We had a large group with younger and older kids. They suggested a day trip for us that was perfect. We kayaked with our guides, Josh, Levi , Kaia, and Riley. 

We paddled down Lake Superior to a river that led us to a beautiful waterfall. We pulled our boats up on a deserted beach, built a fire, cooked hot dogs, s’mores , went for a swim and came back at sunset. 

The trip itself was perfect – our guides, Nathan and Esther, were terrific. They were knowledgeable, attentive, concerned for our safety, and just good, honest, fun-loving people; people you enjoy being with. I should also mention we lucked out with the weather; conditions were ideal. There was almost no wind, the water was like glass and it was dry and sunny. The scenery was beautiful of course, truly unforgettable. Kayaking is without a doubt the best way to experience the sea caves (weather permitting of course). Since the water was so calm we were able to get really close to the caves, go through some of the archways, experience the unique sandstone formations, etc. So cool. In total I’d say we kayaked for 2.5 to 3 hours and covered about 5 miles. We did a there-and-back route – we launched from Meyers Beach, kayaked about 2.5 miles to the end of the main portion of the sea caves then turned around. Nathan and Esther let us take our time exploring and never rushed us – they were so relaxed and wanted us to enjoy it. There were several moments when we all just sat there in our kayaks, taking in the beauty and serenity. And with the fall colors it was spectacular. The entire experience was memorable; it really made a positive and lasting impression on us.

I took my 9 year old son on two different kayak trips with Whitecap Kayak. We did a day trip and a couple days later we did an overnight camping/kayaking trip. I was so impressed with the guides, both senior and junior, their helpfulness, patience, and abilities. The food was amazing! Best time I have ever spent with my son and we can’t wait to go back next year.

I’ve taken several trips with Whitecap Kayak, and I’ve ALWAYS been *completely* delighted. The trips are perfectly planned, the guides are STELLAR, and the company is thoroughly committed to you having a good, safe, memory-filled experience. We’ll definitely be back. In fact, we barely got into the car before the boys were saying, “So, we’re going to do that again next year. Right?” All I could say was, “ABSOLUTELY.” Thanks Whitecap! See you next summer.